Current Status Updates

Raw footage backed up * 3                                         - DONE

Off site back up          - DONE

Audio logged / renamed / checked                           - DONE

Library created ready to edit                                   - DONE

Project created                                                           - DONE

Speeches audio and footage synced                          - DONE

Ceremony audio and footage synced                        - DONE

Dancing audio and footage synced                            - DONE

Ceremony cut and edited

Speeches cut and Edited

Dancing Cut and Edited

Montage Footage Cut & Ready to Edit

Music for main film requested

Music for main film supplied - DONE - Supplied at Consultation

Montage Sequences Edited

Trailer Footage Cut - DONE

Trailer Music Selected & Purchased - DONE

Trailer Edited - DONE

Trailer Color Corrected & Graded - DONE

Trailer Online ( Expected Date Sunday Evening June 23rd) - Delivered Fri 21st

Request by couple for New Song & Re-edit of Trailer - Fri 21st.

Complementary Re-Edit Trailer Song selected by couple & Purchased - DONE

Complementary Re-Edit Trailer Footage Cut - DONE

Complementary Re-Edit Trailer Edited - DONE

Complementary Re-Edit Trailer Color Corrected & Graded - DONE

Complementary Re-Edit Trailer Online ( Expected Date Saturday Evening June 29th ) - Delivered Fri 28th

Cinematic Highlights Cut

Cinematic Highlights Audio Selected & Music Purchased

*** Music to be selected by Sarah & Mark ***

Cinematic Highlights Edited

Cinematic Highlights Color Corrected & Graded

Cinematic Highlights Online (End Sept )

Main Feature Film Edited

Main Film Color Corrected

Main Film Rendered for Final Quality Check

Final Check of full main Film

Corrections Made to Final Film

Film Exported and Ready to Deliver

USB Shipped ( End Sept)