With your wedding date right around the corner, please read and fill out the below questionnaire to confirm all of the times and locations. Plus, to offer me some extra information that will assist in filming your amazing wedding day

I always like to reach out to every photographer prior to a couples wedding, just to touch base before we meet on the day
It great to know who is conducting the ceremony prior to my arrival. I always look to have a chat with the celebrant on the day to discuss the ceremony layout and rules of the church etc..
Are you heading somewhere other than the reception location for your photo-shoot? If so, where have you decided ?
At what time is the hotel due to call the guests into the banquet room for the wedding meal?
My advice to couples, based on years of experience is to have the speeches before the meal. This enables everyone who is speaking to have it completed so they can relax and enjoy their meal. Some venues ask for speaches to be conducted after the meal. Which is also great, however another tip from myside is to ask the hotel to clear all the plates from the tables or to have the speeches prior to table clearing. It prevents people from walking around the room and being distracting during your speeches
To record the best audio possible for speeches I usually connect in some way to the venue's audio system. However in the event of any issues completing this, my back up solution is to place a small voice recorder on each of the speakers instead ( usually in their outside jacket top pocket) This ensures I capture the best audio possible for the speeches. ( i will discuss further during our consultation ). Should speeches be before the meal I will place all these on the speakers prior to your grand entrance. If speeches are after the meal, I will mike up the speakers just before the beginning of the speeches.
Do you have another important information you would like to provide me with in regards to your wedding or any filming requests for the day?