Current Status Updates

Raw footage backed up * 3                                         - DONE

Off site back up          - DONE

Audio logged / renamed / checked                           - DONE

Library created ready to edit                                   - DONE

Project created                                                           - DONE

Speeches audio and footage synced                          - DONE

Ceremony audio and footage synced                        - DONE

Dancing audio and footage synced                            - DONE

Ceremony cut and edited - DONE

Speeches cut and Edited - DONE

Dancing Cut and Edited - DONE

Montage Footage Cut & Ready to Edit - DONE

Montage Sequences Edited - DONE

Music for main film requested -Requested Thurs 8th

Music for main film supplied - DONE

Wedding Trailer Cut - DONE

Wedding Trailer Music Purchased - DONE

Wedding Trailer Edited - DONE

Wedding Trailer Color Corrected & Graded - DONE

Wedding Trailer Online ( Expected Date Sunday 19th ) - Delivered Thurs 16th

Creative Highlights Cut - DONE

Creative Highlights Audio Selected & Music Purchased - DONE

Creative Highlights Edited - DONE

Creative Highlights Color Corrected & Graded - DONE

Creative Highlights Online ( Expected Date Sunday 18th Aug) - Delivered 18th Aug

Main Feature Film Edited - DONE

Main Film Color Corrected -DONE

Main Film Render for Final Quality Check - DONE

Final Check of full main Film - DONE

Film Exported and Ready to Deliver - DONE

Final Film Uploaded online for Viewing - Week of 19th Aug - DONE

USB Shipped ( POSTED 27.8.19 )